Artists and Writers

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Since 1941, we’ve worked with artists and verse writers around the world. As the world seems to get smaller through social media and various websites, we’re changing to keep up with how we work with artists and verse writers.

We no longer accept any submissions via traditional mail. ALL submissions MUST come through this website.  We do not respond to submissions unless we decide to purchase your art or verse.


We are always looking for new art and photography.  Our needs change all the time, so we can’t be specific on what we’re looking for at any given time. However, we can be specific on the format we need your submission in. ALL art and photography must be submitted using the art submission form (see below) and must be in the following format:

DPI: 300 minimum (450 preferred)
Dimensions: 5” x 7” minimum
Color Space: CMYK or RGB only
File format: JPG or PDF only
File size: 50MB maximum

You can upload your art via the art submission form or include a link to your cloud based zip file in the message window on the from. We ask that ALL entries are submitted in ONE submission. Please do not submit art more than once every thirty days.

Verse can be submitted using the verse submission form (see below) by typing the verse in the form. Please submit ALL entries in one submission in an organized fashion. Please do not submit verse more than once every thirty days.


We purchase art, photography and verse. We do not license art. Once purchased, the submission is the property of Viabella. Since we only use your accepted submission for greeting cards and stationery, you are free to sell your accepted submission to others outside of this industry.

We pay $150 – $250 per image (art or photography).
We pay $50 – $100 per verse

As a guideline, we pay more for humor (art, photography and verse). Currently we are not looking for religious or secular submissions.

Finally, if we are interested in your submission, we’ll send you an offer/agreement letter for your signature. Upon receipt of the signed letter, you’ll be sent a check for the agreed upon amount. WE WILL NEVER USE YOUR SUBMISSION UNLESS THE SIGNED LETTER IS RECEIVED AND WE HAVE SENT YOU FULL PAYMENT.

Thank you for your interest in working with Viabella

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